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Revolution - Streettoolbox


Revolution turns your bike wheel into a rolling stamp. The stamps are 3D printed letters to clip on your wheel with a cable tie. Push the inking roll against the wheel to ink the letters and leave your message on the pavement. You can easily customize and 3D print all the parts you need in the closest Fablab.


Everyone who has ridden a bike knows that your tire will leave a mark when you go through a puddle. It’s always fun to then zigzag for a few meters and take control of this mark. Revolution starts from this playful experiment but transform the trails in an actual message you can choose. It consists of a thin 3d printed plate with a series of grooves that will fill with water and then stamp it on the pavement. The plate is then converted in a zip tie to easily mount it on the tire. By printing a number of these at home or in a fab lab, you can customize the message your bike will leave on the ground.

"Revolution" comes with an ink reservoir mounted on the bike frame. It can be triggered with a lever to discretely ink the wheel and leave the message on the ground.

Bike vector2-01-0.png


All the instructions can be found on this dedicated Instructables page:


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Seyi, Rodrigo, Pierre, Wei-Che            

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